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    Installing the Reporting Services Migration Tool
    Assuming you already have Reporting Services installed, executing the following command will deploy the Reporting Services Migration Tool (RSMT):

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    Turkish lawmaker took an annual vacation to the country but never returned.

    MAY 10, 2016 (KHARTOUM) – A Turkish prosecutor is wanted for questioning over a report she leaked to the media while on an annual vacation in the country last August.

    According to a report by Hurriyet daily, Arzu Aslan, a member of the parliament from the ruling Justice and Development Party (

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    In my review of the Sony PXWX6, I said it tried to go too far. Comparing it against Sony’s little brother, the PXW1100, it did just that. Half a keyboard, half a tablet PC in one case, though.
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    ASP.Net: Randomized serialization

    I have a foreach loop which serializes a list of objects into a single json string. The problem is that the object properties are randomized from their normal order so a single json string will be returned to the client but the object can’t be deserialized correctly.
    Something like the following:
    StringBuilder jsonBuilder = new StringBuilder();

    foreach (ASP.NET

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    Software Package Builder


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    — David Beckham has kneed Devon Harris hard enough so it requires 6 staples to close the battered girl’s head wound… TMZ Sports has obtained a copy of the medical report and the 19-year-old teenage was treated and released today.

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    Moreover, the Schedules section also allows you to set which of the user selected tasks to be performed, by adding or deleting the jobs.
    Create and edit FTP/SFTP paths
    The FTP/SFTP tab is used to configure the FTP/SFTP server, host name and login credentials to upload and download the files.
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