GRANOS Y HARINAS / Grains Cereals

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Chuño Blanco Entero / Whole Potatoes
Frijol Canario / Canary Beans
Harina de Chuño/Dried Potatoe Meal
Harina de Camote/Sweet Potatoe Meal
Maíz Morado / Purple Corn Cob
Maíz Chulpe / Chulpe Corn Kernell
Maíz Cancha / Cancha Corn Kernell
Maíz Mote / Giant Mote Corn Kernell
Habas Verdes Peladas / Green Fava Beans
Papa Seca Amarilla / Dried Potatoes
Papa Seca Negra (jauja) / Black Dried Potatoes
Pallares / Lima Beans
Quinua / Peruvian Quinoa/ White Quinoa
Quinua / Peruvian Quinoa /Red
Quinua / Peruvian Quinoa /Black
Sémola / Wheat Grits
Trigo Pelado / Peeled Wheat


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