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    PowerPlay is designed to help you increase your productivity, reduce auto-update infections, and reduce download and auto-start delays. Most antiviruses are not designed to block download attempts or prevent installations. As a result, you end up forced to manually make the downloads work. If the downloads do not work, as expected, you end up frustrated. PowerPlay comes with some utilities that you can use to easily make viruses lock down.

    The feature set is very limited. This

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    Trim Word is available in the Windows Store, and it can be installed directly.
    I would say that TrimWord is a good choice for Windows users who want an alternative to the standard documents formats, and it comes recommended.
    TrimWord is available on the Windows Store in one of the compatible languages.

    Windows 8, 8.1, 10 Trim Words

    I would say that TrimWord is a good choice for Windows users who want an alternative to the standard

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    System Requirements

    Windows XP

    Mac OS X

    Software Size






    The final score? Most people use the PRO version because it’s cheaper and the other features are useful for both evaluation and monitoring, but for the right person, the FREE version still has enough advanced features to help you make sound decisions. Check out your options below!

    50+ Software List

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    A/B Testing for Javascript – The Very Special Case of A/B Testing in Internet Explorer
    HOWTO: A/B testing using javascript

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    Generate layered and vector files in just a few seconds. Enter your graphics professionally and convert files to multiple formats easily. Generate more than 150 different file types at high speed. Very user friendly and fast.

    This software enables you to create vector images. In this regard, the software can create:

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    You might find that it helps you avoid recording and hear more about what people around you are saying.

    Over the past few years, games have become more than just a way to pass a few hours on the weekends. Publisher Fortnite has recognized it, and they’ve turned it into a billion dollar industry that packs in more than 100 million players each month!
    The unique combat format that Fortnite offers does require a certain amount of strategy that game developers could learn from.

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    In this way, it will run on nearly any platform that is equipped with a PC.
    The Lanhomesoft Home Automation features all the services and connections needed to make it a run company.
    Internet and SMS be required for usage of the application; therefore, internet access is needed to connect with the app.

    The Lanhomesoft Home Automation can be run on Windows and nearly all the Linux versions can run the app.
    An Android version is also available,

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    NJDIST_ST: Neighbor Joining Phylogeny from Distance Matrix, Basic Statistics
    NJDLOG: Neighbor Joining Phylogeny from Log-Likelihood Matrix, Estimation of Evolutionary Rates
    NJDIST_LT: Neighbor Joining Phylogeny from Log-Likelihood Matrix, Basic Statistics
    NJDIST_RT: Neighbor Joining Phylogeny from Log-Likelihood Matrix, Basic Statistics, Transitions and Trans

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    . Some more examples can be found in the official wiki page. 
    libquickmail is based on the previous developed Quickmail and GMail library, but it contains numerous features to make it a super rich SMTP library for C/C++ developers. This library also includes a utility library that assists in the parsing of many MIME headers and formats, including multipart, as well as supports both GET and POST request methods.
    Besides, the following libraries are provided: a

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    Abi-na-Dulisha is indeed different. One only has to look at its name to realize that it is an instant messaging program developed specifically for Muslims. At first sight, it has much to offer in terms of design. Firstly, the app itself is embedded within the dialog box that serves as its interface, allowing the user to inspect the app without risking to change its state of being.

    Secondly, a variety of achievements has been made to help the user keep track

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    What’s important

    – You need to have activeCollab installed on your system
    – You need to have Python installed on your system
    – You need to have a working internet connection
    – You need to have Python 3.6.1 installed on your system.

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    PrintFileNt, LinefeedNt, LprintNt, FormfeedNt, LprintNtEnd, PrinterDevice, AvailablePrintersNt, PrinterDriverNt.
    PrintFileOrPort, LinefeedOrPort, LprintOrPort, FormfeedOrPort, LprintOrPortEnd, PrinterDeviceOrPort, AvailablePrintersOrPort, PrinterDriverOrPort.
    PrintParameter, PrintParameterOrPort, PrintParameterN

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    All VersionsAdded Interface and new functionality: Double-clicking an installed application now brings up the options for un-installing the tool. The Tool is opened from the Start menu in Windows Vista when you click its name.

    Added new interface for fast installationAdded a new interface for fast installation.1. Field of the Invention
    The invention concerns an electron beam column for a high-resolution electron microscope.
    2. Description of the Related Art
    An electron beam column

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    Also, AHD Subtitles Maker has a user-friendly interface and a powerful inner design, so it is intuitive for everybody. – Super User

    AHD Subtitles Maker – fast yet detailed subtitle maker for HD movies and videos
    AHD Subtitles Maker for Mac is easy to use and worth every penny. With a user-friendly interface and a powerful, easy to use workflow, you will be able to create HD subtitles for your videos without any hassle. AHD Subtitles Maker for Mac is a substitute for many paid subtitle creation websites. Its powerful coding options allow you to completely customize the experience, which 1b4b956d05 salelat

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    It may be a little heavy for beginners, but its value will skyrocket as they grow more skillful. Who knows, they may develop a point of view all their own!
    Developer: Noatikl
    (Free)—Noatikl for Mac (Beginner)

    Music Studio 2008 (Pro)
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    It doesn’t offer you as much, in terms of extra tools as the Windows Notepad text editor, but it is simple and easy to use and offers a good amount of functionality, if you’re a basic type of person. It only requires users to learn one or two simple gestures and that’s it.

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    Dating Pro Cupid offers the most advanced and expensive functionality without having to pay for it.

    With the help of free registration Dating Pro Cupid you can try all of the site functionality without registration. Just make a free account and enjoy!
    All our services will be unlocked.

    Dating Pro Cupid is the dating niche monetization software system that matches singles for money.

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    vFTP also allows you to initiate an asynchronous file transfer and resume transferred file completion, which means that it will not stop the file transfer immediately and will continue at a later time when you press the Button – Resume.


    Managing multiple FTP connections

    Easy to use GUI – Create and transfer files and folders from local computer to FTP server without a hick-up (Multi-threaded)

    M-Soft vFTPCLIP is a 8cee70152a whybern

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    THREE Things to Check for a Picture Frame’s Memory Before You Buy

    | Source: Youtube Author: RiverBraak

    3 Things to Check for a Picture Frame’s Memory

    Picture frames are a lot of fun, and many a current generation will have at least one in their home or office. They are hardly ever used by anyone who has a TV or computer, and yet they’re used by almost everyone
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    So if you’re interested in enhancing your media playback experience, you may need to wait a few months.

    Simple, easy to use, iTunes Accessory makes navigating and browsing the iTunes music library an enjoyable and seamless experience, ideal for music lovers but can also be used to browse photos, movies and books.

    You can borrow my music. No Scrooges, no Questions, no fees, no hoops to jump through. Just borrow my music for free. I
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    Track your ICES Remote Monitoring Equipment
    ICEberg Mobile has been developed to fulfill the needs of the ICEberg Remote Monitoring Equipment Users. Users can send helicopter remote control and altitude data from its mobile device with ICEberg Mobile and ICEberg Remote Monitoring Equipment connected over a wireless network.
    ICEberg Mobile have a detailed documentation
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    Download Subtitles Plugin for RealPlayer
    Read More at:

    One of the most popular video players is RealPlayer, and the third-party Subtitles Plugin comes in handy to those who want to watch movies using this app.
    One of the most popular video players is RealPlayer, and the third-party Subtitles Plugin comes in handy to those who want to watch movies using this app.
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    You can use Harmonium to listen to your music even when you get home and go to bed, making you able to utilize the advantages of a dictation machine.
    To start using Harmonium simply browse in the utility menu and select the service.
    A link to a playlist, or a movie, an album, a song, or an artist can be dragged from the media device to the application in order to play it.
    You will be able to play your music and have a great
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    Purple Fringe Fix also searches the affected image for areas of over or under exposure, and returns the best result of alternate modes.

    Purple Fringe Fix is based on the popular ExposureFix script, an undocumented script written by Remic Salvador, which reports an over or under exposed image, but doesn’t offer any sort of image correction as of 2016/12/07.


    Purple Fringe Fix 1.5 2016/12/09
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    This simple but yet powerful plugin by Romain Bertrand has created waves on WordPress sites because of its simplicity and ease of implementation (especially if you host your WordPress site with your WordPress host).

    The plugin is 100% free and all of its code is available at It is well-documented and easy to customize but does not require any third party programming skills. I will guide you along the process of setting this up in 3 easy steps using the basic functions available within the plugin
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    However, after getting the hang of the tool, you will definitely appreciate its multi-functional tools.

    If you are tired of using the multi-billion dollar Google Chrome browser to search the internet, then you should try the newest search engine that can come out of your desperation: Windowz. No, it really won’t pop out of your computer or your windows PC program. Rather, Windowz is a search engine you can install easily.
    The only thing you need to have is a
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    It should at least offer a great option for a well-designed portable application, but it doesn’t necessarily merit the name “DiscFit”.


    It can be deployed easily and efficiently on a USB thumb drive

    Handles various disc types

    The interface is straightforward

    Easy in use and perfect for beginners

    Supports different file extensions


    No ability to write to disc

    Managing files can take ages
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    All the available scalings ensure that your miniproject stays at a suitable size, no matter if you are developing a new robot or inheriting one from a competition.

    The workbench features a simple and intuitive graphical interface, which helps you to design and build the various types of robots in your project. These are then assembled and accompanied by VirtualVEX’s VirtualAssistant, that provides you with a pythonic scripting API to handle the data created by your workbench.

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    TunesKit Video Repair remains easy to use, and works fine even on low-end devices.
    If you are in need of fixing some damaged items, this app might prove useful for you.
    If you enjoy the app, give it 5 stars and leave a review to tell other users about it.
    You might also like to check out TunesKit Audio Repair, which works just as well, if not better.

    Video editor on Android which can open both RAW and ID
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    of IE Pal (on Windows� machines)
    ■ Some tools will not work properly in the IE Pal version
    ■ Thank thos who coded this tool. It deserves all the credits for the incredible job they did and continue to do.
    ■ Thank thos who upload it on the Internet.
    If you are using Windows ESE or IEXPLORE 6, you can download the file ZIP, which includes the IE Pal tools associated to it
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    Using Python the EasySpell team has developed such a groundbreaking app that automatically corrects the spelling mistakes you make in any message!
    It can correct English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and even Chinese, in the message instantly, directly from your messaging application!
    If you get the spelling right, it will play the “Proper Way” of that word from a Phoneme for it. If you miss the spelling, it will play an Accent Correcting Tone
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  197. ilymak

    The most awesome functionality of the application – look how easy is it to use.
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    The Flat Solution Explorer was designed to be a Visual Studio 2005 addin that shows a non-hierarchical view of all items in a solution. There is an input box that provides real time filtering of the items.
    This is a great Addin for managing large solutions. This Addin is implemented in C++ using ATL.
    · Visual Studio 2005

    The Flat Solution Explorer was designed to be a Visual Studio 2005 addin that shows a non-h
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    Screenshots – Free download of JShot 1.0, size 1.36 Mb.

    Axis2SMS is a powerful mobile software for messaging and sending SMS text messages from the Desktop, it is a new technology that changes the way that end users use the phone and text messaging and is a great feature of Windows, it is the first who offers a mobile software with these features, the software has many useful features that create a whole new way to handle mobile communications; such as:
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    The application is straightforward in action, and works flawlessly when compared to other software packages that often cause problems during file conversion.
    Ask HN: What information would everyone like one medium-sized town to publish? – tl8ng
    Hello HN'ers!Today, we asked moderators to give little groups of volunteers the information "every city should publish" to improve the future. 1.5-2 years later
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  201. harsar

    Rating: 5EAST COAST, NEW YORK – Prince Fields is a 19-year-old who came into the Starting Lineup world as a late addition to the team, but he’s showing no signs of letting up.

    The second-year wide receiver from Lee High School in Bayonne, New Jersey, caught seven passes for 195 yards in the quarterfinal loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, moving him to two catches for 43 yards and a touchdown in the semif
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    Its operating flexibility and plain GUI make the process of recovery way faster.

    How to Recover Yahoo Password

    You can recover your lost or forgotten Yahoo password in 5 simple steps.

    Step 1. First, you need to enable access to your Yahoo account.
    Then, look for the drop down menu labeled “Login to My Account” or “Forgot Password”.

    Step 2. If the drop-down menu is not there, simply press the �
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    it supports “Whole file comparisons” and “Only the text” between 2 files.
    It supports merge/replication of old files to a new file, but also you can compare
    The main features are:
    PDFs Alignments (horizontal, vertical and text orientation)
    Convert a PDF to Text
    Search content
    Open files, signature and etc.
    Export to High Resolution Images (can be resized in metadata)

    For further details about PDFCompare
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    In just about 2 to 10 minutes, you can begin a stunning new look for your website.
    DEBUTCASE:​Draft-eligible players react, Northwestern coach says

    REDBLACKS DEBUTCASE:Draft-eligible players react, Northwestern coach says

    After the Eastern Final, the Ottawa REDBLACKS held a live overnight video interview with the fans, answering questions about the defeat
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    However, if you’re looking for an even more versatile tool, which can complement your text-related activities with basic visual, AR/VR compatible editing, as well as project management, you might just want to give UltraEdit a try.
    Just like all the other app on this list, UltraEdit does offer a web-based editor with a complimentary app available for iOS and Android.
    High-quality programming environment, with many advanced features
    If you prefer coding over writing or
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    About Decord ID Corporation
    Decord ID Corporation is an independent music technology company offering practical solutions. The main objective is to promote music across platforms. Decord is innovating solutions that make music production, distribution, and consumption easier. As a commercial and technological development company, Decord ID Corporation is always on the lookout for talented developers or specialists that are always up to date with the latest trends in the technology and computer industry.
    Decord ID Corporation
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    Antivirus Properties

    Antivirus Properties

    The Antivirus Properties is a wizard-style tool provided for configuring your virus or anti-virus software. All kinds of applications can be installed by using this utility.

    One of the most common tasks carried out with this utility is installing the right antivirus programs and the proper settings for the applications. The utility is easy to use and allows you to select the applications and features you want without the need of being supported by a technician.

    This program is designed to support users with different antivirus applications in a friendly and easy to use manner.
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    It is also possible that users can choose to run a profile in “read-only” mode.
    Additional built-in options include: – Run with specific user credentials, – Install Health Packs by CSV document, – Receive email notifications with summary reports for newly discovered health issues, – Send email notifications with detailed reports, – Run with selected CPU/RAM/Disk configuration, – Plugins installation location, -.csv save path, – HTML & CSV save path, – SQL Server installation location
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    Once users have visited a page with the new drop down menu, they will not only see the added menu but will also be able to navigate it just like any other HTML5 element.
    On the process development side, the extension has a professional editor that allows developers to enter the information on the content menu markup. It also offers support for effects, which can be applied to the drop down menu items to change their appearance, adding lines and broken arrows when needed.
    Additionally, the editor comes
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    InstantType provides efficient typing services including:
    • InstantType recognizes your abbreviated words
    • InstantType completes your abbreviated words with context
    • InstantType automatically completes your abbreviations with phrasings
    • All abbreviations have a single shortcut
    • InstantType includes a directory of abbreviations
    • InstantType groups abbreviations based on phrase categories
    • InstantType is intuitive and works with intuitive text navigation.
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    Here’s another useful freeware called Top Shelf Calendar:

    Top Shelf Calendar, installed as a tray icon on Windows 7, displays a calendar pop-up window when you right-click on any empty space on the taskbar. To make it run silently, you could disable the taskbar.
    Options include setting the calendar in years, days, hours or minutes (1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, etc). You can set the taskbar to open this calendar
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    Overall, this program makes automation and personal configuration easy and comfortable.

    The star of Dr Phil’s new podcast is also trying to improve her own life, and thinks she can help other people too.

    Former West Texas A&M Aggies star Tracy Matthews, now an All American who has become one of the country’s top wheelchair basketball players, went on the Dr. Phil show Friday to talk about the murders of her twin brother and unborn son.
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    The PC version of AlertMe for the detection of smoke, fire and wet locations has already been downloaded more than 120.000 times.
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    You are giving us your consent that we or our third party businesses can use the data we collect about you according to the Privacy Policy on We only use the information that we collect about
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    Examples of solid particles that will make an especially preferred plastic plug or plugging material include solid particles of one or more of polyethylene, polybutene, copolymers or terpolymers or mixtures thereof, with an ethylene content of at least 20%. Particles having a size of between 5 to 15 microns are preferred for maximizing the ability of the plug or plugging material to bridge the solid particles of aggregate. An effective amount of the plastic plug or plugging material,
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    ■ Support for DVD Audio and DVD Video
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